Gen. McChrystal to Teach at Yale

Yale grad students will be getting leadership training this fall from one of the country’s most famous retired military commanders -- Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

McChrystal’s name became a household one when a Rolling Stone article ended career as the former commander of the Afghanistan war.

The article, which appeared on newsstands in June, includes some disparaging comments McCrystral and his aides made about their civilian bosses, including that Obama looked “uncomfortable and intimidated” when meeting with senior officials.

Obama fired McCrystal in July for insubordination. Soon after, McCrystal retired from the Army.

McChrystal is coming to Yale University to teach a graduate level seminar on leadership on its New Haven, campus.

NPR reports that McChrystal will teach at the nee Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

McChrystal's seminar will "examine how dramatic changes in globalization have increased the complexity of modern leadership."

McChrystal said in a statement accompanying the release that he was looking forward to sharing his "experiences and insights as a career military officer."

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