Get Ready for Halloween, Mascot Style

Marcus Riley

Halloween is fast approaching and, for hundreds gathering in Cromwell this weekend, that means getting dressed up in costumes and participating in shenanigans. Sounds normal, right?

The difference here is that these are adults in full-body costumes.

Picture Big Bird gathering with the cast of Eureka’s Castle and Timmy the Tooth to party in the name of Halloween, costumes and charity.

The event is FurFright, a Halloween-themed anthropomorphic convention.

Anthropomorphism, according to the FurFright website, is “the attribution of uniquely human characteristics to non-human creatures and beings.”

In layman’s terms, when Tex Avery created Bugs Bunny, he was practicing a form of anthropomorphism. Feel free to use “anthropomorphic” the next time you play Scrabble. Your friends will be impressed.

Essentially, FurFright is a three-day event similar to ComiCon, where a bunch of somewhat eccentric people dress up in Halloween costumes or mascot suits and enjoy as art contests, dances and, of course, a costume contest.

FurFright supporters are pretty much exactly how one expects: down to earth, a bit crass and with no-nonsense attitudes.

But they all have big hearts and a commitment to donating to charities. Your grandmother might not like them, but they’re harmless; just different.

Each day is jam-packed with fun events for all ages from dawn till dusk, including organized trick-or-treating within the hotel.

There’s even a daily “newspaper" to highlight the events and recap what’s happened.

Their “Code of Conduct” lays down a strict policy on alcohol and drug consumption, as well as general public behavior.

In addition to the charitable donation, FurFright brings hundreds (over 950 in 2009) of “outsiders” to Cromwell.

The 8th annual event happens at the Crowne Plaza in Cromwell from Oct. 29 to the 31.

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