First Pinkberry Site in CT Will Be Fairfield

Frozen yogurt fans rejoice! Pinkberry, the California born frozen yogurt chain, has been moving eastward since its opening in 2005 and the chain wil finally reach Connecticut.

Pinkberry is preparing to open some locations in the southern half of the state, according to the company website.

The first store will open at 1512 Post Road, Fairfield, likely in mid-to late-September.

“We know Pinkberry will do very well in Fairfield and we could not have selected a better partner than Jamie Karson to help us launch there," Ron Graves, Pinkberry CEO, said in a news release. "As the former Chairman and CEO of Steve Madden, Ltd, Jamie possesses incredible business acumen and a commitment to outstanding customer service. These elements, along with his passion for Pinkberry, make Jamie the ideal candidate to bring our unique frozen yogurt experience to this region.”

More stores are planned and possible locations include Greenwich and New Haven, but those are not definitive.

Pinkberry’s two claims to fame include being the original tart yogurt (according to the company) and having a loyal following of celebrities – including Taylor Swift -- many of whom are often spotted snacking on the dessert.

Customers of Pinkberry can choose to order the original frozen yogurt or a seasonal flavor such as watermelon, pomegranate, mango and chocolate.

One can then finish off their order with toppings such as daily cut fresh fruit, granola, nuts, chocolate chips, dry cereal, and crumbles of cookies, brownies and cheesecake.

Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt contains live and active cultures, and is non-fat, which means that when the stores open you can actually use the excuse “it’s good for you” as a reason to drive down to one of the stores. Although there is no official opening day yet, you can be sure that whenever Pinkberry does open its doors lines will be out the door.

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