Glastonbury Board of Ed Votes to Keep Mascot Name Change

Glastonbury High School
Jennifer Joas

A week after a fight broke out at a Glastonbury school board meeting, the issue of the high school’s mascot was back up for debate.

In a virtual meeting Monday night, the Board of Education voted 7 to 1 to reaffirm a decision last year to change the mascot to the Guardians.

Some in the community had been pushing for it to be switched back to the Tomahawks.

During a recent meeting about the issue, things got a little heated and a man punched a Board of Education member.

Board members thanked police and a town councilman who helped restore order.

“Glastonbury is such a phenomenal town for so many reasons and our school system are excellent. And to be known for this kind of event last week is really embarrassing and I’m upset about that," said Board of Education member Matt Saunig.

One board member argued the mascot should be studied more. But most who spoke believed the Tomahawks name divides the community and a mascot should unify it.

Residents say a Glastonbury Board of Ed meeting about the high school's mascot Tuesday night got out of hand.
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