Glastonbury School Close to Shutting Down Saved

It was a reprieve for a Glastonbury school Monday night after the Board of Education voted to extend the life of Eastbury Elementary.

Parents had been rallying behind the school ever since they heard it was in danger of closing due to budget cuts. A petition to save it had more than 700 signatures Monday night, but officials say closing it would save the district more than $1 million.

Instead of voting to close it for good, the board voted on a plan to address the closure over the next 2 years. The delay gives them time to analyze enrollment, discuss class sizes and come up with a plan for redistricting.

“It’s not a perfect plan, but it’s the best plan right now,” Board of Education Chairwoman Susan Karp said.

Under the current plan, the board will look into concerns and then take a final vote in the spring of 2017. If they decide to go through with it, Eastbury would close in the fall of 2018.

“It’s about balance,” Karp said. “How do we provide the best education in the most cost effective manner?”

The Board of Education sees the plan as a compromise. Parents see it as a small victory, giving them more time to try and save their school.

“It’s not out of the woods yet,” Jennifer Muller said. “I’m happy with the decision right now, but I’m hoping we’ll keep on fighting.”

Eastbury is the smallest elementary in Glastonbury with roughly 250 students.

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