Goats Removed from Redding Property

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Goats were seized from a home in Redding on Wednesday.

The state Department of Agriculture said there had been complaints since 2017 about roaming goats as well as several goats on the property of a home on Cross Highway and in October 2020, they received a complaint about injured goats and care issues on the property.

State Animal Control as well as Redding Animal Control officers, made what the Department of Agriculture said were numerous visits to the property and met with the property owner.

State officials said taking the animals was the last resort after trying to work with the owner.

They said they found animal welfare concerns, including mobility issues due to untrimmed hooves, excessive manure, lack of sufficient water and structures in poor condition that did not provide adequate protection from the weather, the Department of Agriculture applied for a search and seizure warrant for the goats and received it.

On Tuesday, officials from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, the town of Redding and the Redding Police Department went to the property with the warrant for goats. It was not immediately clear how many were removed.

The goats will be taken to the Department of Agriculture’s rescue and rehabilitation facility at the Department of Correction’s facility in Niantic, where a veterinarian will evaluate treat them and they will remain in custody and care of the Department of Agriculture until the case goes through the court system.

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