Golf Carts Hit the Streets

Eventually, the weather will start to reflect summertime in Connecticut (we hope!) And when it does, don't be surprised if you see golf carts relocate from the green to the road.

After almost a year, the General Assembly passed new legislation authorizing towns to allow golf carts on local streets, with certain restrictions.
“Really, it was so helpful over here — you can have parking problems if you have to take all your cars down to the beach," Andy Natale, of Old Saybrook, said. 

The golf carts are electric, which will save gas and emissions. The carts are helping the community ‘go green’ off the green!
Old Saybrook’s population quadruples in the summer months, so get a cart while you still can! There are about 500 in Old Saybrook and the registration fee is $25 for a first cart, $20 for a second and $15 for a third. 

Under the new legislation, local traffic authorities will enforce regulations for the carts on roads with a speed limit of 25 mph or lower.

In addition, the carts cannot be driven at night and operators must have a driver’s license.

According to officials, the penalty for violating these regulations is $35 under state law, but that could increase in the future.  Cart drivers must also obey the normal traffic regulations that apply to any motor vehicle.

So please folks, whatever you do, don’t drink and cart!

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