Good Friday Traditions in New Britain Continue

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Every Good Friday Donald Mason has a tradition of going to Martin Rosol’s Meats in New Britain and picking up some freshly made kielbasa for Easter Sunday.

“I was going to come in early at 6 o’clock and I slept in a little bit and got here and they’re not open until 9 o’clock, so I’m first in line,” Donald Mason, of Bristol, said.

Mason was surprised to see he was the only person in line before 8 a.m. In years past, there was always a long line with dozens of people waiting and packing into the retail store.

Instead, this year people were asked to take a number and the shop served customers outside.

Mason said the kielbasa is always worth the wait.

“You know, everyone in the family absolutely loves it and if I don’t bring it I’m in trouble,” Mason said.

Joan Dawling and Patty Delekta stopped by Rosol’s, but first went to Kasia Bakery in New Britain.

“The food is delicious and there’s a cheese babka. That’s what we come for, the cheese babka,” Patty Delekta, of Bristol, said.

Delekta and Dawling are sisters. Their grandparents were from Poland and they always celebrate Easter in the traditional Polish fashion, according to Delekta.

“Our mom would come here every year and wait in these long lines. She died in 1996 and since then my sister and I have been coming faithfully every year,” said Delekta.

Last year was the only year they missed.

When it comes to celebrating with the family, the state of Connecticut’s latest guidelines recommends capping your indoor private gathering at 25 people and any religious gatherings should be limited to the number of people that can safely be accommodated with masks and social distancing required.

Both families are looking forward to celebrating this year.

“A little bit quieter, but most of the people in our family have had their vaccines already, so we’re in pretty good shape, I think. We’re really looking forward to a nice Easter,” Mason said.

He went on to say that is a relief to be vaccinated.

“It feels great. It’s very liberating and it just takes the edge off, you don’t have to worry about it so much,” Mason said.

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