Good Samaritan Jumps into Action when Teen Goes Under

A beautiful afternoon at Millers Pond State Park in Durham turned frightening twice when swimmers disappeared under the water in two separate incidences.

Just before 4 in the afternoon, a person noticed a swimmer struggling to stay afloat, then go under.  The good samaritan jumped into the water and pulled out the 18 year old, carrying him to the edge of the park where first responders found the pair.

"I just saw a kid with a bunch of people surrounding him on the rock and it looked like he couldn't breathe really well," said Stacey Buccheri who was enjoying the day at the park.

The teen was alert and conscious by the time he was taken away to be checked out at a hospital.

It was less than two hours later when a 16 year old went under the water too.  This time, a family member pulled out the victim, who will also be okay.

The two close calls were a stark reminder to all the families at the park as the swimming season gets underway.    One parent, Steve Litha, told NBC Connecticut that he takes extra precautions, putting life jackets on his kids when they're in areas without lifeguards.  "Better be safe than sorry," he added.

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