Good Samaritans Pull Girls From Burning Car in Milford

A New Haven man is searching for the heroes who helped him with a dramatic rescue on the Milford Connector Saturday night. The passing motorists stopped to help pull two women to safety after their car overturned and went up in flames.

It happened just before midnight Saturday near exit 2A, the on-ramp to I-95 North toward New Haven. The driver of the car managed to free herself from the wreckage, but two passengers were trapped.

Bill DeCarlo of New Haven was traveling home with his family when he came across the car on fire. He immediately got out and helped along with three other men.

“I put out the fire with my hand and dragged her up the hill,” Bill DeCarlo said. “I guess I have second degree burns on these fingers.”

A few burns and a few minutes later, the passengers were out and the paramedics arrived, but the three men he says helped him were gone.

“We were together maybe 10 minutes, but nobody got any names,” DeCarlo said.

Now, with the help of Facebook, he is trying to find his fellow rescuers.

“I just want to have a beer and said hi,” DeCarlo said.

His post has been shared hundreds of times since he wrote it Sunday night. It caught the attention of Chad Fisher, who also happened to be there that night.

“They were yelling in the car hitting the window yelling help me,” Fisher said.

It is a call he said he could not have answered without the other three. He said one man helped him break open the back window and another helped him pull the passengers out seconds before the car went up in flames.

The women were taken to Yale Trauma Center. Their identities and conditions have not yet been released. The accident is under investigation.

DeCarlo is still searching for two other rescuers and he is asking them to get in touch with him on his Facebook page:  or contact the Milford Fire Department.

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