GOP Blasts Malloy on Inauguration Day


Dan Malloy has not even been sworn in yet as the state's first Democratic governor in decades and he’s taking hits from the state Republican Party.  

“(Democrat Dan Malloy) and his Democrat partners in the State Legislature have proven time and again that they are the ‘Government Party’ and Dan Malloy has already rewarded them by appointing eight state legislators to positions in his cabinet, leaving those districts unrepresented in the governing process and charging Connecticut tax-payers with another round of publicly funded campaigns,” GOP chairman Chris Healy said in a release.

The people Healy is referring to are:

State Sen. Don DeFronzo, who will lead the Department of Administrative Services.

Stamford State Sen. Andrew McDonald, who will be Malloy’s general counsel

East Haven State Rep. Michael Lawlor, who will become the undersecretary for criminal justice policy and planning at the Office of Policy and Management.

State Rep. Carlo Leone, of Stamford, will run for McDonald's Senate seat, the Stamford Advocate reports.

State Rep. Deborah Heinrich will oversee the nonprofit industry for Malloy, the Hartford Courant reports, and State Rep.Christopher Caruso will serve as an urban policy advisor in the Department of Economic and Community Development.

State Rep. David McCluskey  will serve on the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Jeanette DeJesús as his special advisor on healthcare reform to a newly created cabinet level position Tuesday.

With these seats open, special elections will be held to fill them.

“In November we saw a rejection of the out of control spending and irresponsible behavior of our legislators with Republicans taking 16 seats away from Democrats with a message of common sense, responsible government,” Healy said. “I am hopeful that Governor Malloy and the Democrat leadership in Hartford will head the warning of Connecticut voters and realize the people of our state can no longer afford their spend now, pay later, on someone else’s dime way of governing.”

The blast comes the day after Roll Call reported that U.S. Speaker John Boehner called Healy to talk about Maria Cino's candidacy for RNC chairman. Healy told Roll Call Boehner called him, but declined to say who the senator was promoting for thhe position.

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