Goshen Implements Flag Moratorium Amid Pride Flag Controversy

NBC Connecticut

Goshen officials voted to implement a flag moratorium that would limit which flags can be flown amid a controversy concerning Pride flags.

The Board of Selectmen voted to enforce the moratorium based on disagreement within the community about whether or not residents should be allowed to put up Pride flags.

A Pride flag was put up next to Town Hall, and town officials are taking action to prevent further commotion.

Officials said that First Selectman Todd Carusillo has had residents come to his home and bother him at dinner because of the flag.

As a result, the Board voted to impose a moratorium. Pride flags will be allowed to stay up in town through the remainder of the month.

The Board of Selectmen said they initially voted to approve the placement of the flag on the terms that it wouldn't be a political move. However, they feel that the flag's placement has become political in nature.

Town officials stressed that they represent all residents. The moratorium will remain in effect for one year, when the Board will re-evaluate.

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