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Gov. Lamont Discusses Gun Violence at News Conference

NBC Connecticut

Governor Lamont speaks about gun violence the day after a mass shooting at a school in Texas.

Governor Ned Lamont held a news conference on Wednesday to discuss gun violence. one day after an 18-year-old gunman opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing at least 19 children and two teachers.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy took to the Senate floor Tuesday to address politicians and beg for change after a mass shooting resulted in the death of over 19 kids and two teachers at an elementary school in Texas.

Tuesday's school shooting in Texas is the deadliest shooting at a U.S. school since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown in 2012. At Sandy Hook, 20 children and six adults were killed.

Lamont was joined by several officials as well as people affected by gun violence, including at Sandy Hooke Elementary School.

He said there are too many eerie similarities between what happened in Texas and what happened in Newtown nearly 10 years ago.  

“I look at these crimes, I look at these mass shootings. There somewhat uniquely American, which is tragic,” Lamont said.

“I love America, but this should not be our curse,” he said.

The speakers made impassioned statements about their own personal histories as well as attempts to curb gun violence.