Gov. Lamont Vows to Prioritize Repairs to Mixmaster in Waterbury

Governor Ned Lamont has vowed to prioritize repairs to the Mixmaster in Waterbury during a news conference on Monday morning.

In his budget address last week, Gov. Lamont pointed to the need for urgent infrastructure improvements.

On Monday, Gov. Lamont announced that the Interstate 84, Route 8 intersection is a priority for the state.

About 180,000 people drive through the Waterbury Mixmaster every day. It was designed for 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles per day.

The Mixmaster is 50 years old now and is in need of repairs.

"Now is the time for us to put together a strategic plan to make sure we can rebuild the Mixmaster: A. from the point of view of public safety and B. decongesting what we got to do. And in terms of economic development, there is nothing more important than getting this state moving again," Gov. Lamont said during the news conference.

No exact plan was laid out by the governor. He instead pointed to opportunities to receive funding from the federal government if an infrastructure bill is passed in Washington during this legislative session.

Lamont said the Connecticut Special Transportation Fund is running on fumes and said he plans to do a better job in the future to convince Washington that our state has the money to hit the ground running for infrastructure projects.

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