Gov. Malloy Makes Sikorsky Deal Official

Governor Dannel Malloy put pen to paper Monday and made it official; Sikorsky will be in Connecticut for years to come.

Today's bill signing at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport brought together the head of the Stratford-based company and local union leaders to celebrate the deal.

The governor said it will lead to a billion dollars in capital expenditures by the helicopter maker, 11 billion dollars in payroll, and 6 billion dollars for the state's supply chain. In exchange, Sikorsky will receive around 220 million dollars in tax credits and grants.

"We've protected Sikorsky in our state through 2032-an employer who currently has just under 8,000 employees who will grow that number over years to come and actually have to replace that workforce through our training programs," explained the governor.

The event also served to highlight the state's advanced manufacturing program which aims to give community college students the skills to get jobs at manufacturers like Sikorsky.

"I think it's critically important that we continue as a system in our seven advanced manufacturing centers to work with our major employers to work with the supply chains they have," said Mark Ojakian, President of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities.

The state said its community college programs have a 98 percent job placement rate for graduates, ranging from aerospace technicians to positions in welding, machining, and tool and die.

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