Gov. Malloy's Nephew Accused of Trespassing at Jewish Academy

The nephew of Gov. Dannel Malloy has been arrested on charges of trespassing at a Jewish academy in Stamford.

According to the Stamford Advocate, Kerry Malloy and his girlfriend Courtney Wilson of Stamford were each charged with criminal trespassing, breach of peace and conspiracy after they returned to the Yeshiva Bais Binyomin Monday after they were escorted off by police.

The Advocate reports that an employee at the academy called police to report that an intoxicated Malloy and Wilson were In the yeshive and refused to leave.

When police arrived, they were in a classroom filled with students who were clearly in fear of them.

When they were asked to leave, the Advocate reports that Malloy began talking about his constitutional right to observe and inquire about the Jewish religion. Police smelled alcohol on Malloy's breath.

Officers escorted them off the property and told them not to return. About 25 minutes later, the pair was arrested after police found them on the property.

The Stamford Advocate goes on to report that Malloy became argumentative and uncooperative while in custody. He would not allow his photo to be taken or police to take his fingerprints.

Malloy and Wilson were both released on $500 bond and are due in court on Jan 6. 

Malloy is an inspiring actor and currently has a role in the new Leonardo DiCaprio film "The Wolf of Wall Street." 

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