Gov. Rell Un-Vetoes Pork Spending; Budget Stands

Allows budget to pass 'in its entirety'

Governor M. Jodi Rell will no longer veto some $8 million the legislature added to the budget at the last minute, she said in a statement released late Tuesday.

Last week, just after the overnight session in which the budget passed, Rell vowed to allow the budget to pass, but she said she would cut the additional spending, calling it “well-intentioned pork, but pork nonetheless.”

Now, citing advice she received from Attorney General Richard Blumenthal -- advice with which she disagreed -- she said that a “costly and protracted court fight will only result in more of a financial burden for taxpayers.”

Rell added that we must have a budget, and “for that reason, I will allow the budget in its entirety to become law without my signature.”

Among the items not getting the axe: the seafood advisory council and the Connecticut Farm Wine Development Council.  Both those groups will get $47,500 each for the next two years.  Also, Americorp is taking home $1 million and Children of Incarcerated Parents is receiving $1.4 million over two years.

The Valley-Shore YMCA in Westbrook gets $50,000 and the AIDS Interfaith Network is getting $100,000 of your tax dollars.

The budget that went into affect on Tuesday also includes $500,000 for the next two years for a “fall prevention” program that would teach the elderly how to avoid slipping on throw rugs or in other situations.

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