Governor Calls for Review of Rite Aid Drug Price Hike

Jonathan Wilk 93 north Londonderry
Jonathan Wilk

The governor is calling for a review into increased prescription drug prices at Rite Aid.

Gov. M. Jodi Rell said the drugstore chain made changes to its customer Rx Savings discount program, erroneously claiming that the higher prices and reduced benefits were required by a new state law.

“I sincerely hope that Rite Aid is not using a state law – one that is actually designed to provide cost-savings for all its customers – as an excuse to raise prices. If so, it amounts to a modern day bait-and-switch and Rite Aid is not being honest with consumers. I strongly urge Rite Aid to reconsider these changes,” Rell said.

The law requires Connecticut pharmacies that offer discounts and savings to the general public to provide those same discounts and savings to individuals on Medicaid.

Rell said several Rite Aid stores have posted signs indicating that because of the new law Rite Aid “is required to modify the benefits available under the Rx Savings Program.”

“The problem is not the law, the problem is the way Rite Aid is reacting to the law by penalizing customers through changes in its discount program, ostensibly to avoid across-the-board discounts to Medicaid and the general public,” Rell said.

Rell has asked the Department of Social Services to work with the Attorney General’s Office to review the legality of the changes in Rite Aid’s discount program and for DSS officials to meet with Rite Aid representatives to seek immediate reversal of changes in Rite-Aid’s savings program that negatively affect Connecticut consumers.

“The law is a fair and just one and applies to all pharmacy discount programs. Our economy is still a very fragile one and Connecticut families need to look for ways to save wherever possible,” Rell said.

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