State Officials Help Residents Navigate Massive Air Bag Recall

In response to calls from citizens worried about exploding air bags, state government officials held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to help residents navigate the massive Takata recall announced Tuesday.

"Residents may understandably be concerned," said Gov. Dannel Malloy. "There is no need for immediate panic."

But there is need, he said, for immediate action – checking the recall list through The automakers involved include BMW, Chrysler, Daimler trucks, Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.

Officials are urging residents whose VIN numbers appear on the recall list to make an appointment at a local dealership right away.

"Make those appointments if you happen to be one of those vehicles that fall under the recall so that way, in the event that there are shortages, at the very least, they will be able to move those replacement parts to those dealers that already have those appointments," Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Andres Ayala advised.

Officials stressed the importance of patience when checking the list of affected vehicles.

"Go online like I did, and hopefully at some point, more successfully than I did," said Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan Harris. "Make sure that you know if you’re affected, and to take the steps with your dealer and otherwise to be safe. Be patient but vigilant.”

Malloy reminded residents to follow-up and check the list again in a few days. He expects repairs prompted by the recall will be free of charge.

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