Governor Invites Netflix, Disney, and AMC to Connecticut After Response to Georgia Abortion Law

Days following Netflix’s announcement that it would “rethink” its investment in Georgia after the state’s governor signed into law a ban on virtually all abortions, Connecticut’s governor said he has reached out to Netflix, Disney, and AMC to tell them that Connecticut is a “perfect location” for them to conduct business.  

Gov. Ned Lamont and Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz wrote letters addressed to each of the companies’ executives and said that Connecticut has nationally competitive production tax incentives that are ideal for companies like theirs. 

"We applaud Netflix's recent condemnation of new legislation enacted in Georgia to severely curb women's reproductive rights. We wholeheartedly agree with and support your position, and know that this called into question the viability of doing business in that state," the letter to Netflix says.

“States that are adopting legislation that severely curb women’s reproductive rights are sending shockwaves across the country, including in the business community, and rightly so,” Lamont said in a statement. “Here in Connecticut, I am particularly proud that support for protecting the ability of women to make informed decisions about their health and bodies is not only strong, but it is also bipartisan. We will continue to do everything in our power to protect women’s healthcare rights, and stand in solidarity with businesses who feel the same. We wholeheartedly agree with and support the position of these companies and urge them to consider Connecticut.” 

“Connecticut recently ranked third among states for working mothers,” Bysiewicz said in a statement. “In addition to offering some of the best childcare and professional opportunities, we understand that women’s issues are economic issues. Our state strongly protects the right of women to make their own reproductive healthcare choices so that they can best support their careers and their families.” 

The statement from the governor’s office said several film, television and digital media companies have relocated and expanded in Connecticut over the last 15 years, including Blue Sky Studios, NBCUniversal (sports group and syndicated television), CBS Sports, ITVAmerica, ESPN, WWE and A&E. 

NBC Universal is the parent company of NBC Connecticut.

Read the letter to Netflix here.  

Read the letter to Disney here.

Read the letter to AMC here.


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