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Republican Candidate for Governor Announces Running Mate



    Heather Somers was former mayor of Groton. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014)

    Republican candidate for governor Mark Boughton announced his running mate Tuesday.

    Heather Somers, the former mayor of Groton, is running for lieutenant governor alongside the longtime Danbury mayor, who is seeking the Republican nomination.

    "We can both speak in terms of Main Street, not just Wall Street," said Somers.

    The announcement comes early in Boughton's campaign. He admits that he's taking a different approach.

    'Why bother waiting?" said Boughton. "The times are so challenging, the issues are so important that we should be working together right now as a team to be sharing a vision of Connecticut."

    Even though candidates can chose their running mates, it's up to the parties to nominate the governor and lieutenant governor separately.

    GOP contenders are already jockeying for position.

    State Sen. John McKinney is another candidate for governor. Tom Foley, the 2010 nominee, could officially get in as soon as Wednesday. Toni Boucher is exploring a run for the top job.

    On the Democratic side, Gov. Dannel Malloy still won't say whether he's running for a second term, although it's widely expected that he will.

    State Democrats have been doing the fundraising and the talking.

    The party chairwoman blasted Boughton's choice for lieutanant governor.

    "They're rooting for failure in Connecticut," said Nancy DiNardo. "That's not leadership. Give us specifics on how you want to cut taxes and spending."