Governor Malloy Won't Say Which Democrat He is Supporting After Voting This Morning in Hartford

Outgoing Gov. Dannel Malloy voted this morning in Hartford with his name not on a statewide ballot for the first time since before the 2006 gubernatorial election.

When asked whether he voted for Lamont or Ganim, Malloy wouldn't give a specific answer.

"Listen, I'm going to support the Democratic candidate, that's who I voted for," Malloy said.

The governor was all smiles after casting his ballot at the Hartford Seminary.  

"It's very restful," Malloy said. "I enjoy working every day as governor.  I think someone else should have that joy."

Malloy acknowledged the state has its share of challenges.

"Every decision I've made has been a purposeful decision about repositioning the state of Connecticut.  Now, someone else will get to do that," the governor said.

The former mayor of Stamford has not announced his post-office plans.

"Well, I'm not dead yet."

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