Governor Proposes Wiping Out Reserves, Millions in Cuts

Gov. Dannel Malloy has submitted his budget plan to legislative leaders and it includes emptying the $235.6 million in the state’s fiscal reserves to cover the $389 million deficit, using money from the Special Transportation Fund and millions of dollars of cuts in the judicial and legislative branches. 

Malloy notified legislative leaders Tuesday about his budget plan and said, “I find it necessary to take aggressive steps to ensure that this year’s budget ends in balance.” 

The plan includes recissions and “deappropriations” within the Special Transportation Fund and Malloy went on to say his plan “requires actions we would all prefer to avoid, such as depleting the Budget Reserve Fund; and sweeping funds that in better times would be used for important purposes.” 

Malloy also asked Supreme Court Justice Chase Rogers to make $21 million in budget cut and he has proposed cutting $3.4 million from the legislative branch.

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