Governor Signs Law to Cut Cadmium from Children’s Jewelry


On the day that parents are pulling potentially tainted McDonald’s Shrek glasses from their cabinets, a law is signed in Connecticut to add restrictions on cadmium in children’s jewelry.

Starting in 2014, children’s jewelry containing cadmium of more than .0075 percent could not be sold, or offered for sale or distribution, in Connecticut.

Last month, Walmart pulled the Miley Cyrus line of jewelry after the Associated Press reported that the company had knowingly sold charm bracelets and necklaces containing high levels of cadmium, USA Today reported.

“Prolonged exposure to cadmium can cause damage to the central nervous system and result in developmental disabilities. Many people are shocked to learn that this chemical can be found in children’s jewelry,” Rell said in a news release. "It is also found in other products as evidenced by the McDonald’s recall announced today.”

Rell said cadmium is used in batteries, pigments, metal coatings and plastic.

“I want to keep Connecticut at the forefront of chemical policy reforms,” Rell said. “This law builds on our successes in phasing out toxic chemicals from children’s products – products like lead and Bisphenol-A.”

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