Governor Announces Acting DMV Commissioner

The Deputy Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Labor will serve as Acting Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles, the governor’s office announced on Monday, and Gov. Dannel Malloy has chosen former Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson as the director of the state Department of Labor.

Dennis Murphy will serve as acting commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles until Gov. Dannel Malloy selects a permanent commissioner of the agency, the governor said in a statement.

The former DMV Commissioner, Andres Ayala, resigned last week just days following the DMV’s promise to make good after a glitch in its new computer system caused police to wrongly pull over drivers for having suspended registrations.

“Dennis is exceptionally smart, driven, and capable. He has the management abilities to lead the agency until we find the right person to fill this important role on a permanent basis. He has been an outstanding public servant, and I thank him for taking on this job,” Malloy said in a statement.

“I’m proud of my five years of service at the Department of Labor. We have led the nation in programs such as Step-Up, which gets people back to work, programs to ensure the integrity of the unemployment system to reduce fraud, and expanding our capacity and effectiveness to ensure that people who work get paid what they deserve. I want to thank the highly talented and dedicated staff at all levels for their hard work and steadfast focus on the customer,” Murphy said in a statement. “In my short assignment at the DMV, I hope to provide the Governor and the next DMV Commissioner opportunities and pathways forward in that agency for continuous improvement.”

Murphy will begin the position at the DMV on Friday, Feb. 12.

The state senate will have to confirm Jackson's appointment.

Malloy has also chosen Kurt Westby as the deputy commissioner of the Department of Labor.

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