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Governor's Office Announces Proposals to Address Gun Violence

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The 2022 regular session of the Connecticut General Assembly begins on Wednesday and Gov. Ned Lamont is planning to introduce legislative proposals aimed to address gun violence.

Lamont’s proposals include reestablishing a Connecticut Gun Tracing Task Force to work with local and federal authorities; creating a statewide community violence intervention program; requiring registration of pre-2019 “ghost guns;" and creating a state license for all gun dealers in Connecticut, according to his office.

The governor’s office said existing businesses would receive a license without needing to pay the application fee.

Lamont is also proposing to make it easier for law enforcement officers to request the gun permits of those openly carrying firearms, and ban the carrying of firearms in polling places, public buildings, public transit, and at demonstrations.

He is also proposing legislation his office said would close loopholes in assault weapons laws, including expanding the assault weapons ban to include guns with so-called “arm braces” and opening a registration period for those who own these weapons and expanding the assault weapons ban to include pre-1993 guns and open a registration period for those who own these weapons.

Another of Lamont’s proposals is to automatically disqualify anyone who has been convicted of a family violence crime from holding a state gun permit.

Another is to require all firearms to be sold with a trigger lock.

Lamont’s office said the governor’s proposed budget adjustments include a $64 million investment in public safety in the state.

This is a gubernatorial election year and Lamont has filed paperwork to run for re-election.

Bob Stefanowski, a Madison businessman and Republican who ran against Gov. Ned Lamont in 2018, is going to run for governor again.

Republican Susan Patricelli Regan is also running for governor.

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