Gown Giveaway for Military Brides-to-Be

Every bride-to-be dreams of her special day, but for about forty military brides, that day might be even sweeter with the generosity of a Farmington bridal store.
On Sunday morning, Stylish Impressions, located at 254 Main Street, began giving some forty bridal gowns for free to certain customers. 
Diane Bonney, owner of the bridal boutique, said she felt that the weekend before Veteran's Day was a great time to do something really special for those that serve in the military.  She said it was a gift "for these girls who are either out in Iraq or here at home waiting for their loved ones."
Eden Aponte of Windsor was one of the lucky ones.  "It just feels like you're in a fairy tale," she said.  Aponte received her dress for free.
Bonney has been putting brides in bows and beading for more than a decade.  She said an organization that helps military brides called, "Brides Across America" reached out to her and she couldn't refuse.
"They're having such a great time," Bonney said.  "They're happy that what we want them to have is the moment of excitement, and to look absolutely beautiful," she added.
Melissa Metzger of Newtown also found her gown in the store. "When I put it on, I knew it," she exclaimed.
Aponte said she was amazed to find the dress that she picked out. 
"I love it," added Aponte's young daughter, Anahi.
Aponte is engaged to Robert Cawley.  "He will be deployed to Iraq in the next two weeks," Aponte said,  "He's an amazing man," she gushed.  Aponte said she appreciated the free dress, even if freedom has a price.
After their fitting, the young women were offered free or discounted services from a nail salon, a D.J., and a photographer as part of the Veteran's Day celebration.
Stylish Impressions was scheduled to close Sunday at 1:00 p.m., but Bonney said it might stay open a while longer on Sunday if all the gowns had not been given away.  She added she that she would open the store on Veteran's Day too, if needed.
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