Grab Your Fedora — It's Hat Day!

In honor of all things Danbury, some Connecticut lawmakers are bringing a little levity to the Capitol and are celebrating "Hat Day" by wearing fedoras, sun hats, newsboy and baseball caps, Stetsons and other stuff to cover their hair, or their lack of tresses.

It’s a throwback to the 1800s when the city became famous as the nation's top maker of stuff from your top. Danbury’s responsible for hats – lots and lots of hats – 5 million per year.

But, as all things do, fashions changed and fewer gents and ladies grabbed their top hats and bonnets before heading out on the town, thus dulling the shine on Danbury's status as the "Hatting Capitol of the World."

There is more on the lore and the reality at the Danbury Historical Web site.

While times have changed, Danbury’s pride in the heritage remains. In fact the derby hat symbolizes the city’s history.

Interesting that “the” Derby is known as much for people wearing crazy hats as the horses racing. Check out the slideshow with this story. 

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