Graduate Mowing Lawns Across Country Comes to Connecticut

A mission of mowing has inspired an Alabama graduate student to travel across the country and mow lawns.

The journey to mow 50 lawns across 50 states brought Rodney Smith Jr. to New Haven, Connecticut, on Wednesday.

"It's been beautiful- 50 states, 50 lawns. I started on May 10, this is my 30-something lawn- 37th I believe. It's been a lot of lawns," Smith said.

He is doing free yard work for the elderly, veterans, people with disabilities and single parents. His goal is to help the people who are most in need and inspire others along the way.

“When we come cut the lawn for free, it makes a big difference in their lives,” Smith said.

Smith came up with the idea of mowing lawns in 2015 and is the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Services in Huntsville, Alabama. The program is a way to inspire kids to get outdoors and help other people by cutting grass in their own communities. Kids that sign up get different color T-shirts and protective eyewear when they commit to mowing ten to 50 yards.

“Fifty-yard challenge issued to kids worldwide,” Smith said. “I hope people get encouraged and get out there in their community and start cutting grass for the elderly, disabled, single parents and veterans.”

Terry Watson and her 11-year old daughter, Casey, Live in Woodbury and have followed Smith on social media for a year.

“I was just scrolling through Instagram and I saw him one day. And he's an inspiration to so many people,” Terry said.

“You are able to help other people through things they are trying to do help other people so you can follow through and make that a big thing,” Casey said.

Smith said it’s about paying it forward, a message that is traveling just as much as this man and his lawn mower.

Rodney will finish this mission in Hawaii within the next two weeks. His next effort is to mow seven lawns on seven continents. For more on his charity, follow this link to the website.

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