Granby Brush Fire Threatens Homes

It took firefighters more than four hours to get a brush fire under control in Granby Sunday morning after it burned five acres of woods.

The flames tore through a shed and came dangerously close to a few homes on Notch Road.

"It was incredible, absolutely incredible," Ryan Baker said. "I came out and it was like the whole neighborhood was on fire. I was in shock."

Firefighters say when they first arrived around 3 a.m., there was an orange glow around the entire neighborhood and a line of fire spreading through the woods. A nearby shed went up in flames, melting everything inside.

"Motorcycles, snowmobiles, a lawnmower - everything is destroyed," Sgt. Grant Charette said.

Firefighters called in mutual aid and had to shuttle in water using tankers because of the well system in Granby.With more than 3,000 feet of hose, they were able to get it under control. They say the dry conditions only made the fire spread even faster.

The fire marshal is now investigating the cause, but neighbors think the fireworks they heard earlier could play a factor.

"They were definitely fireworks," Noleen Dietz said. "Then we head this loud bang and it was the fire department and we looked out the window and there was just this ring of fire."

Firefighters will be back on scene throughout the day Sunday checking for hot spots.

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