Granby Police Warn Residents to Look Out for ‘Highly Aggressive' Fox

Granby police are warning residents to be on the lookout for a “highly aggressive” fox that remains on the loose after attacking a man on his deck.

Police said Wednesday afternoon they received a report that a fox had attacked a resident of Silver Brook Lane.

In an exclusive interview with NBC Connecticut the victim described the attack.

"It had this kind of vicious little snarl and it just lunged at me - it just kept coming at me," said Larry Coxon.

Coxon said the fox was relentless.

"I kicked it with my right foot a couple times as he came back after me," said Coxon.

Coxon said he's getting several shots because authorities are unsure if the animal has rabies.

Police said a few hours after the attack, someone moving a lawn on nearby Silver Street was charged by a fox. Police also received a report that a fox jumped into a pool with small children in it on Silver Brook Lane. The fox did not make direct human contact in those incidents.

Until the fox is caught neighbors said they're staying indoors. Neighbor Christopher Kempf said his mother called him to warn him.

"They told her there's a dangerous fox in the area get back inside!" Kempf said.

Police said Animal Control officers have set traps for the animal and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has been informed. Two more sightings were reported on the Silver Brook Lane Thursday morning.

Anyone who sees this animal should report it to police immediately by calling (860) 844-5335.

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