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“Great American Boom” Takes Place in New Britain

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Thousands turned out for what's called the “Great American Boom” in New Britain on the Fourth of July.

Explosions of different colors went streaking through the night sky.

“I’m feeling excited because I’m excited to see all the fireworks,” said Aiden Aroesty, of West Hartford.

“It feels good this year,” said Tanisha Peay, of New Britain.

Thousands were stunned by the sights.

You could see families enjoying the event now in its 30th year. During Covid, the event switched to a drive-in style at Willow Brook Park.

People had to pre-register and get a parking pass to get in.

And while that did limit the crowd allowed in, those who showed up were fans.

“It’s not too hot. And it’s not too cold. It’s just perfect. So the kids are here having fun,” said Nathania Santiago, of New Britain.

“I like to see all the fireworks go,” said Kayla Aroesty, of West Hartford.

Putting on this incredible display took a lot of hard work from technicians at Atlas Fireworks.

Nearly a thousand shells – electronic links – and a plan for the artistry are just some of the parts that helped pull this off.

Pyrotechnicians have been preparing large fireworks shows across the state for July 4.

“We wait for that cheer. That’s what we strive for. Do you hear the kids screaming and yelling,” said Ryan Osakowicz, a specialty shell technician.

Besides the main attraction, there was also food and time to relax with loved ones.

Many were happy to spend this Independence Day together.

“I get to see my friends, family,” said Peyton Muniz, of Bristol.

We’re told 500 shells were dedicated to just the closing act.

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