Greater New Haven Deals With Messy Roads, Long Cleanup

A tractor-trailer hanging off the side of I-95 southbound in West Haven was only one of many accidents along the Connecticut shoreline Monday.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the truck was pulled up without any fuel spilling.

Drivers said the roads were bad.

“I think since crossing the New York line, it's gotten worse. I think what we're doing running at 40-45 mph, we're staying just ahead of it, and it's only going to get worse because it's coming that direction,” said Joe Migliaro, who was driving to Madison from Newark, New Jersey.

State plow trucks tried to stay ahead of the snow on I-95 by teaming up to clear off the highway. Plows also hit some roads in West Haven, where crews spent the day moving snow but also looking out for future problems.

“The temperatures aren't as cold as they are in the north, so we're getting the snow off the road, and once it freezes this afternoon, we're going to have some big issues with black ice and everything freezing up,” said West Haven Deputy Fire Chief Scott Schwartz, who also serves as the city’s Emergency Management director.

Another big issue is the parking ban in West Haven, which Mayor Ed O’Brien extended through 5 p.m. Tuesday.

“The police department is out there enforcing it, they're towing cars, but people need to realize they need to stay on the proper side of the street at this time,” said Schwartz.

Residents also need to make sure when they're digging themselves out, they keep the snow off the streets.

Michael Mazzacane is a teacher in New Haven. Since had the day off from school, he got out his snow blower to help his neighbors out.

“This has been very easy to clean up, so I've been going to my house, my neighbors' house, getting everything cleaned up, so it will be easy to move out later on,” said Mazzacane.

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