Grinch Stealing Christmas Deliveries

Packages left on doorsteps are disappearing.

Forget the Grinch stealing Christmas, Branford Police are warning about thieves who are taking off with people's holiday packages.

They're following delivery trucks from UPS, FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service  to see where stops are made, then heading back to the area to swipe the packages left behind.

“It's disturbing, it really is. It's the holidays, you can't trust anybody. I understand there are a lot of people who are desperate, but stealing isn't the way to go,” said Janet Jeddry.

Some in Jeddry's apartment building have had packages stolen. “Sometimes they drop packages at the door and leave them there, and somebody must have swiped them,” said Jeddry.

Branford police urge residents to take away the opportunity for thieves to steal packages.

“Have someone responsible to retrieve those items, try to track them online if possible, and try not to leave them unattended, or have them delivered to a place where a responsible person will be to retrieve those packages,” said Capt. Geoff Morgan.

Another tip: Instead of having packages dropped off at home during the day, have them delivered to your workplace.

Fairfield police have also received complaints about packages being stolen from doorsteps in recent weeks.

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