Group of People Say They Were Hit By Car During Protest in Manchester

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A group of people protesting with the social activist group, PowerUp, say some protesters were hit by a car in Manchester Saturday afternoon.

The protest, called the Self-Defense Brigade led by Cornell Lewis and PowerUp, happened at the corner of Main and Center streets around 4 p.m.

The protesters were blocking half of the road when a car hit a few people with signs, the group says.

In a statement, PowerUp Manchester said several protesters were struck. They said the car then drove off.

PowerUp Founder and CEO Keren Prescott said the people who were hit were injured and will be pressing charges.

Manchester police said no one made an emergency call about people being hit by a vehicle.

Officers responding to a complaint of protesters in the street near Main Street and East Center Street were told by one woman that she received minor injuries when a vehicle drove through a group of protesters, according to police. She declined medical attention, police said.

Police were made aware of a video posted to social media showing the incident in question. They continue to investigate and have identified the driver but say the driver's actions do not appear to be politically motivated, according to police.

Members of the group Black Lives Matter 860 participated in the protest after another demonstration at the capitol earlier in the day.

A day after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, protesters here in Connecticut are reacting to the jury's decision.
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