Group of Teens Attack Trinity College Students at St. Anthony Hall Outdoor Event

A group of teenagers allegedly attacked a group of Trinity College students during an outdoor event at St. Anthony Hall on Saturday night, according to the school.

The school said a group of approximately 20 to 25 teenagers, who were not Trinity students, gained access to a registered outdoor party at St. Anthony Hall at 10:45 p.m. on Saturday. 

When Trinity students asked the teenagers to leave, they were assaulted by the group. Trinity students did report injuries but no one was hospitalized, the school said. 

A Hartford Police Officer hired to assist campus personnel during campus patrols was called to the scene but the teens had fled, according to the school. 

In a letter sent out to the Trinity College community, Dean of Campus Life Joe DiChristina and Director of Campus Safety said:

As this semester concludes, we will be especially vigilant regarding campus safety and have put in place the following additional security:

  1. A Security officer (contracted security personnel) will remain in the area of Vernon and Summit Streets throughout the evening and early morning hours.
  2. A Campus Safety officer has been assigned to work specifically in the area where the assault took place. The officer will make frequent walk-throughs of Ogilby Hall (the residence hall adjacent to St. Anthony Hall) to verify that doors are secure and students are safe.
  3. Two additional Securitas personnel will be hired for the remainder of the semester and will increase patrols of campus and around the perimeter of campus.
  4. Trinity will continue to contract with HPD to have an officer work Friday and Saturday evenings. Throughout the week, HPD will increase patrols of the area.

 Students may also call the Campus Safety emergency line at (860) 297-2222.

Police are investigating the incident. 

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