Group Plans Lawsuit Against Gun Law

A gun rights group plans to file legal action in response to the new gun control law. Governor Dannel Malloy signed that legislation into law last Thursday.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League says the law is unconstitutional. The group now has 6,000 members. Many of them spent weeks making the case at the State Capitol.

"Oh yes, there will be legal action," Scott Wilson, CCDL's president, said. "That's a given at this point."

Wilson and his members believe the bill was rushed through the General Assembly. He said there is a lot of confusion about it.

"We're being flooded with requests as far as what is legal and what is not," Wilson said.

He argues that the new law punishes law abiding citizens. They are already raising money to pay for legal action.

State Attorney General George Jepsen said there are no pending lawsuits but he knows that will change.

"We fully anticipate that there will be lawsuits filed," Jepsen said. "We are preparing to defend the new law. The new law is Constitutional and will stand scrutiny and we will vigorously defend it."

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