Groups Push Campaign to Stop Drunken Driving This Holiday Season

Hartford police, the mayor’s office, Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are all joining forces to promote safety this holiday season.

The goal is simple: stop people from driving drunk, especially when it’s so prevalent this time of year.

There have been 279 deaths on Connecticut roads this year, many of them the result of drinking and driving, according to AAA.

All the groups involved are going over the resources available to stop it.

Hartford police will have increased checkpoints and patrols. They say the work to bring justice to the lives lost starts now, pointing to an incident at Park and Zion Streets where a 70-year-old woman was struck by a drunk driver. The driver was arrested on second-degree manslaughter charges.

MADD and police are encouraging everyone to designate sober drivers, drink responsibility, and use services like Uber to get to destinations safely.

25:31 “We want everybody to have fun. We want everyone to come down and patronize the great restaurants that we’ve got here in downtown Hartford and all around our city, but we want everybody to do it safely,” said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin.

MADD Connecticut wants drivers to show their pledge to drive sober this holiday season by tying a red ribbon on their car.

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