Guerilla Drive-In Rolls In, Takes Off

Remember packing up the family station wagon, the one with paneling on the side, or calling "shotgun" before you jumped into the car to hit  your local drive-in?

How about fighting with your brother and sister over the best seat as Mom and Dad prayed that you would fall asleep fast?

Ah, summer nights at the drive-in. They're ba-ack!

"Guerrilla drive-ins" are moving in and driving off all across the country. According to Mobile Movie the group is trying to bring "back the forgotten joy of the great American drive-in." But with a modern twist.

"Powered by cars and video projectors, 'mobmovs' are easy and affordable to set up.  Abandoned warehouse walls spring to life with the sites and sounds of a big screen movie," according to the Web site  

Guerrillas, as they are called, are urged to secure the required approvals from property owners and film distributors before setting up shop.

There are reportedly hundreds of chapters across the globe and two right here in Connecticut.  In New Britain and Old Saybrook, and there are about 60 members.

Showings are usually held every two weeks. If you sign up for the mailing list, you'll get the location e-mailed to you the day before the event.

Oh, and the best part: not only is it free but you also don't have to pay $8.95 for popcorn!

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