Guilford Company Makes Super Bowl Shirts

A small factory in Guilford was very busy into the late and early hours of Monday immediately following the Patriots' come-from-behind Super Bowl win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Zuse Inc. is one of eight regional t-shirt printers tasked with producing officially licensed Super Bowl Champion shirts with the Patriots and Super Bowl logos.

"We were all getting ready for bed," said Ted Zuse, the owner of the company. "And now we're here getting the job done."

Zuse, a Patriots fan, admitted that he didn't think the Patriots were going to pull out the win and thought his staff would have to remain at home.

"Here we are we're up printing. We actually started a half an hour late to get everybody here."

Zuse Inc. will produce about 10,000 blue t-shirts that will be distributed to big box stores across the region.

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