Boston Red Sox

Guilford Company Prints Red Sox World Series Championship Shirts

A Guilford company is hard at work on Monday printing Red Sox World Series championship shirts.

Zuse has been on standby since the end of Sunday night's game.

"It's an ongoing thing where we're all prepared. We have our list of days that the Red Sox could possibly close out the series and we're just waiting for the victories. And right when they come, we're in our cars, we're racing down here, get the presses fired up and moving as fast as we can," said Jesse Mahon, the sales manager.

Mahon and his team of about 15 people expect to make 10,000 shirts by noon.

The Boston Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 on Sunday to finish off a one-sided World Series in five games. This is their fourth World Series title in 15 years.

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