Guilford “Dollars” Keep Things Local

Town currency urges residents to shop local

Christmas is around the corner and that means just a few more days to shop. Now, there's a push to keep business on Main Street, instead of at big box stores and the mall.

"Keep it Local". That’s the message from small shop owners in places like Guilford.  Locals say there’s nothing like strolling from store to store on a picturesque street.

"It’s a lot of fun to be able to go in one shop and another and really enjoy the individuality of the different shops," said Pam Kelly, Executive Director of the Guilford Chamber of Commerce.

Plus there’s the personalized customer service you just don’t get at the big box stores and mega malls according to Vera Guibbory, owner of Vera Wolf Jewelry Store on Boston Street in Guilford.

"Just the same values you find in the malls you find in the local stores we also do a step above that we give you boxes we gift-wrap and great exchanges and you’re dealing with the mom and pops," she said.

Guilford is so determined to keep their shoppers home they've created the "Guilford Dollar". It’s sold at the Chamber of Commerce and can be spent at 55 stores and restaurants. The catch is its good as gold only in Guilford.

"It’s the chance to be able to keep the money here in town by giving people a great selection," said Chamber of Commerce Director Kelly.

So far it's working, thanks in part to shoppers like Duffy Mudry a lifelong fan of local shopping who made sure the people on her Christmas list stay put by filling their stockings with "Guilford Dollars".

"I love Guilford and I want people to stay in Guilford and shop in Guilford," Mudry said.

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