Gun Owners Looking for Answers

More than 200 gun owners gathered Monday night in Southington looking for answers about the new state gun laws.

S-B 1160, also know as the gun violence prevention and children's safety act, was signed into law on April 14. Since then both law makers and gun owners have raised many questions about how to follow the law.

The law immediately banned magazines over 10 rounds as well as assault style rifles. Those who already owned them were allowed to keep them but had to register them by Jan. 1.

Some of the confusion lies with what to do with orders processed  before April 14 but not filled or shipped until after the law was passed.

Rep. Rob Sampson said that he has received a number of emails from state residents both for and against the law. He said that while the emails may come from people on both sides of the law, they mainly pose the same question.

"I have gotten tons of emails about how this law is being implemented and a lot of concern whether it's being implemented fairly," said Sampson.

The state has set a June 1 deadline to answer many of the questions that have been posed to them.

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