Gun, Wallet Stolen From Car Parked at Mansfield Middle School

A wallet and gun were stolen from a car parked outside Mansfield Middle School on Saturday and state police are investigating.

According to school Superintendent Fred Baruzzi, a car was broken into during a recreational basketball tournament around noon on Saturday.

State police are investigating, have not made any arrests and continue to look for the gun.

Baruzzi said he does not think students are in danger, but requested extra security at the school for Monday and Tuesday.

In a letter to Mansfield parents, Baruzzi said the police do not consider the incident a threat to the school, nor do they believe a student was responsible for the theft. Police are investigating other car break-ins in the area, Baruzzi said.

Police are warning parents and school staff to lock their cars and store valuables out of sight.

Police are looking into whether the gun in the car was legally registered and properly  stored. They are also looking into whether the gun owner violated state law by bringing a gun onto school grounds.

Students who were on school grounds on Saturday were interviewed on Monday to determine if they have information that could help police solve the crime.

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