Guns Abandoned in Stamford Neighborhoods

Police are trying figure out who is leaving guns around Stamford in places where children can find them.

According to police, community members have discovered three weapons recently.

"That makes me nervous," said Philip Vincoli, who lives across the street from where a loaded gun was found this week. "It makes me think there’s obviously something going on."

Stamford police said there is a lesson everyone can learn from what may be going on and they recommend talking about what should – and should not – be done when someone comes a weapon of any kind by chance.

"There’s a lot of children around here too. God forbid if they pick it up," said Patty Arrico, who lives on across the street from the Oak Park apartment complex, where one of the guns was found. "You hear so many things today it really scares you."

Investigators said someone first spotted a revolver in some shallow water off of Cold Spring Road. The gun had no bullets inside, according to police.

Then, they said a 9mm semi-automatic was discovered behind a washing machine in a home on Spruce Street, fully loaded.

Most recently, a revolver with all its bullets was found in a parking lot at the Oak Park apartments, said authorities.

"This is three in three weeks in three different locations so this is concerning and kind of unprecedented," said Capt. Richard Conklin of Stamford Police Department.

Police said the person who found the revolver acted appropriately by calling 911 and having the weapon – and the danger – taken away from the neighborhood.

"You don't want a child picking the gun up and pointing it at somebody and possibly shooting somebody," said Vincoli.

Police said there have been a number of recent shootings and believe these discoveries may be the result of suspects trying to discard evidence. Those weapons are right now being analyzed to see if they can be linked to any crimes.

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