Hacker Sends Inappropriate Content From Old Lyme Teacher's Email Account

One school district is searching for a hacker after someone sent inappropriate emails to students using a teacher's account.

Holly Cox said on Wednesday night her 11-year-old son received emails filled with sexually-explicit language.

"He had read all the emails, and he said, 'Mom, they were just so inappropriate.' I said, 'What did they say?' He said, 'I can't say it, mom. I can't say it,'" said Cox.

Her son, who is in the Region 18 Lyme-Old Lyme Public Schools, wasn't the only one to receive the messages.

Parents said hours later the superintendent of schools sent out this email:

Dear all,

This evening beginning at 8:32 p.m. someone accessed the e-mail account of one of our high school teachers and sent three highly inappropriate messages to our entire school community. These emails were not sent by the teacher whose account was used. Please be assured that this teacher, while upset by the situation, is safe. Our technology staff is on campus and is working through the night to stop the flow of emails and track the origin of the sender. Should you or your student receive one of these inappropriate emails, please delete it immediately. Do not reply to the e-mail. At this time, we have shut down all student network accounts to allow our technology team time to remove the inappropriate e-mails and subsequent responses from all student accounts. We expect to restore student account access some time late on Thursday. Staff will plan lessons accordingly. As always, our goal is to keep students safe and, in doing so, we will work with local law enforcement to determine the source of these e-mails and take appropriate action.


Mr. Ian Neviaser
Superintendent of Schools

"According to my son, a lot of kids never got to read them because the email system was locked down before they got a chance, but unfortunately he did," said Cox.

And so, unfortunately, did Jeanine Jones' two children who are 12 and 15.

"My children were old enough, and I could talk to them. But I'm sure a lot of other parents were extremely shocked and upset," said Jones.

Jones thinks the culprit is more than likely another student but state police have not released any information.

"Somebody thought it was a funny joke, but it wasn't. And it also went to some children who were too young to be exposed to the language that was in the email," said Jones.

With the district shutting down the network, sending out an update to parents, and talking to kids the next day, Jones and other parents said they're pleased with the response.

"I personally spoke to the principal when I picked up my son today ... at the high school, and he was in full control. So I think they did a terrific job," said Jones.

NBC Connecticut reached out to the superintendent but did not hear back by time of publication.

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