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Haddam Selectman Continues Controversial Decision to Kneel During Pledge

A town leader’s show of protest continues to cause controversy in Haddam.

Dozens turned out to a public meeting Monday where once again selectman Melissa Schlag took a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance.

The meeting was moved from its usual space to the firehouse because of the anticipated turnout.

Schlag said she was motivated to protest after President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but that she’s kneeling for many things, including gender and racial injustice.

Many at the meeting told NBC Connecticut that while she has a right to protest, she should do it on her own time.

“You told at least half this town I don't care if I offend you, and I'm going to act my whim. You took an oath. You took an oath,” one speaker said during public comment.

“You people make me mad. I fought to defend your rights, and you want to take them from her?” another resident said.

Most of the people who spoke at tonight’s meeting spoke out against Schlag taking the knee. And before that Board of Selectmen meeting, two rallies took place. One not condoning or condemning the Democrat’s actions, but supporting the first amendment.

“We support everybody's right to protest, everybody's right to independent thought, everybody's right to criticize, everybody's right to freedom of speech,” said Kelly Brookes of Higganum.

The other rally was a stand for the flag rally, where many felt that the selectman’s kneeling was offensive and disrespectful.

“I just love our country. I love our flag, and I'm so sick of people putting it down,” said Chris Rodgers of Winsted.

And when Schlag spoke at tonight’s meeting, many walked out or turned their backs on her.

“Liberty and justice for all is the last line of the Pledge of Allegiance. I strongly believe that we have neither. While the injustices stand in our country, I will kneel,” Schlag said.

This is still not over, as Schlag said she plans to continue kneeling.

Several people have called for her resignation.

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