Thea Digiammerino

Marks of Massive Hailstorm Still Evident One Year Later

The 2-inch hail shattered windows, ripped off siding and dented cars.

Wednesday marked exactly one year since a massive hailstorm hit Granby and Hartland, but many are still repairing the damage it caused, and it hasn't been cheap.

“It’s a once in a lifetime thing I imagine—I hope,” said Granby homeowner, Robert Rome. Rome says he usually enjoys storms. But the hailstorm that hit Granby one year ago had him and his family sheltered in their basement.

“It was like nothing we’ve ever seen,” he said, “it looked like the house was hit with a machine gun.”

The 2-inch hail shattered windows, ripped off siding and even dented his cars. One of them was his daughter’s, which she'd just driven back home from college out-of-state.

“I was like, how is this possible? This is my new baby!” said his daughter Haley.

While the Rome family still has a lot of work to do, Rob Davis in East Hartland is finally settling into his newly-repaired home. In 45 years, he never imagined having to patch up holes in the siding of his house like he did after the storm.

“Everything imaginable was had hail damage to it,” Davis said. “You look around every house here in town, and every house has at least a new roof, if not all new vinyl siding.”

The repairs cost Davis $35,000. Now, he just hopes his grandkids will get to pick blueberries from his garden again this summer.

“I lost my entire crop. I didn’t pick one blueberry last year. It was just unbelievable.”

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