Haitians in Connecticut Hoping to Help Family Impacted by Devastating Earthquake

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For Haitians in Connecticut, this is a moment many expected but hoped wouldn't happen. Now they and organizations are working to help the devastated country.

"I was not surprised, but I was always hoping that I will not live in such a disaster again," said Angelucci Manigat, who is the publisher and editor in chief of Haitian Voice, a monthly trilingual newspaper.

As families learned about the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, many rushed to their phones hoping to hear loved ones in Haiti tell them they're safe.

Manigat says, thankfully, his family and reporters in the country are safe. After checking on them, he donated money to help. He says many people in the areas affected are sleeping outside.

"They're still experiencing aftershocks. And the last time a lot of people died by returning inside of their houses, so they learned from that," said Manigat.

With the death toll still climbing, Manigat says this is worse than the quake 11 years ago because of the oncoming tropical depression and the added political turmoil. The country's president was assassinated just weeks ago.

But organizations are already moving to help.

Americares says it's sent nearly $3 million worth of medicine and relief items.

Hope for Haiti, which has an office in Connecticut, is working with its members on the ground in Haiti.

"There's a huge need for wound-care items, so for treating the wounds, for treating infections," said Meg Jean Louis, Hope for Haiti Chief Impact Officer.

Hope for Haiti says they opened their clinic in the country and are treating patients. She says this is happening while their members on the ground are dealing with their own damaged homes and upturned lives.

The work will be hard and will take time, but organizations say the help provided by people in this state and beyond makes a difference.

"Thank you to the Connecticut population for keeping Haiti in your hearts tonight," said Jean Louis.

To donate to Hope for Haiti, head here: https://hopeforhaiti.com/

To donate to Americares, head here: https://www.americares.org/HaitiEarthquakeFund

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