Hallmark Christmas Movie Filmed in Norwich Premieres Friday

A Hallmark Christmas movie that was shot in Norwich back in February is debuting this week on the Hallmark channel.

Norwich will be the setting for some scenes of "Holiday for Heroes," which premieres on Hallmark this Friday at 9 p.m. Scenes were also recorded in other parts of southeastern Connecticut as well. 

The movie stars Marc Blucas and Melissa Clare Egan.

On Hallmark's website the movie's "about" section said "After a year's worth of letters exchanged between Audrey Brown and soldier Matt Evans, their worlds collide for the first time off the page. Will the spirit of the season bring Matt and Audrey's love beyond their letters?"

“There were people everywhere. Every which direction and everyone seemed to have a plan. They seemed to know what they were doing,” John Johnson, of Griswold, said during the filming.

Hallmark released some behind the scenes video of the movie shooting on location.

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